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Bars at the Ardboyne

Kells Bar is an Irish bar best known for its warm friendly staff and mouth-watering Guinness, serving an array of appetising traditional Irish bar food to supplement the tasty malt. The radiant, old world charm and ambience will fill your imagination with the days of old.  If you are seeking a traditional Irish bar feel and delicious Irish cuisine, then The Kells Bar is the perfect location for some time out with friends or family.

Not every bar in Ireland can interpret and project that classic Irish bar atmosphere as much as The Ardboyne’s very own Kells Bar. Nestled in the heart of the heritage-rich and scenic town of Navan in Meath, it offers the quintessential picturesque backdrop to your experience of bars in Ireland.

Bars in Ireland have long been regarded as important meeting places where locals can get together, get to know their neighbours and enjoy the company of both family and friends in a relaxed environment.  The traditional Irish bar culture is widespread and pervades all aspects of the Irish way of life. Many curious discerning guests specifically come to Ireland for the opportunity to experience this world renowned bar custom. 

The Ardboyne Hotel is a popular vacation venue for both locals and international holidaymakers. We’ve been in the business of catering for the adventurous spirits of our guests for 30 years and have perfected the typical expectations of the average individual. We know that bars in Ireland are sought after by tourists for their allure. We have designed The Kells Bar in such a way that it exhibits all the characteristics of the Irish bar, providing cultural richness for our guests to submerge themselves in.  

Weekends at this cosy Irish bar are also filled with entertainment with live music often filling the air with cool tunes.