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Ardboyne News - Des Bishop comes to Navan

Seeking quality luxury hotel accommodation in Meath this January is certainly a good idea as the hilarious Des Bishop prepares to perform his much anticipated show at the beautiful Solstice Arts Centre in Navan, Co. Meath. This state of the art theatre is a feature of pride to the locals in and of itself as it pays homage to the cultural and artistic heritage of Meath.  With 320 seats in the house, the centre is a natural choice for both local and international shows.

For this reason there’s no doubt that the much anticipated sell out performance of the Irish-American stand-up icon will be met by thunderous applause and hearty laughter. Made famous by his now classic ‘My Dad Was Nearly James Bond’ show, the versatile highly-prized comic has gone from success to success.

Having performed in theatres and five star hotels in Meath before, his return is eagerly awaited. Des is also known for putting a humorous slant on serious issues. This was seen in the ‘My Dad Was Nearly James Bond’ show, in which he used his comic genius to also reveal his family life and his father’s struggle with cancer.

Acclaimed for his massively successful ‘Des Bishop Work Experience’, he became one of Ireland’s most outspoken comic performers. As the organizer of the International Comedy Club, Des was able to develop a sharp wit and skills in the area of observational comedy, which tend to leave a room in tears of laughter. His skill at using satirical humour to poke fun at his adopted home of America has led to more than a raucous chuckles. The comic was also the recipient of the 2002 Tap Water Award which he earned from his performance of his show ‘Comical Warfare’, which was showcased at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

With more than a few television performances to his credit (such as his appearance on X-it File and Don’t feed the Gondolas) he has become a very well known face in the industry and in the average household. Having become one of the greatest comic talents to surface in years, guests and residents of Navan alike can expect a show stopping performance

Best to ensure an early booking of your hotel accommodation in Meath, or you may have very little to laugh about.

Comedy - Des Bishop
Start Date: Sun 23.Jan.2011
End Date: Sun 23.Jan.2011