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Green Tourism, and NOT just for St. Patrick's Day!

Green tourism is no longer just designed for a back pack and a tent in the wild, there are plenty of ways to be green in any of Meath’s Hotel Accommodationoptions. Should you choose to visit Ardboyne Hotel, we are more than happy to cater for guests looking to have a greener stay.

Eco-bites on the menu

Everyone knows that the greenest way to indulge in fine dining is to have a green filled plate. Get festive this March with some of our amazing vegetarian offerings. Dine in the La Messanine Restaurant, the perfect venue for a meal when staying in luxury hotel accommodation.

  • Start with Millefeuille Baked Mushrooms in a chardonnay cream sauce, with sun blushed tomatoes and cheese topped with puff pastry; or start with the Deep Fried Brie with a red currant jelly served with a Waldorf salad.
  • We also have two stunning main course options: Stir- Fried Vegetables served in a Hoin-Sin sauce and noodles or our Fettuccine with Mushrooms and Asparagus served with a white wine sauce, sundried tomatoes, and parmesan.

Greenify your room

If you love Meath as much as we do, you will help our county’s mission to conserve water as much as possible. Easy and simple ways to be green in your room include:

  • Let the housekeeper know the duration of your stay and opt to save the water that would be used to provide laundry for sheets by avoiding unnecessary laundering of bed linen.
  • Hang towels up to dry so that you may reuse them a few times before they go to laundry.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath and turn the water off while brushing your teeth.

Partake in Eco-Activities
One of the great things about hotels in Meathis that we are surrounded by eco-friendly activities.

  • Go for a horse ride in the nearby Kelly’s Equestrian or Royal Meath Equestrian Centre.
  • Visit historical sites such as the Trim Castle, Hill of Tara, or the Battle of Boyne battleground.
  • Take advantage of the surrounds and grounds of the hotel without even getting into your car.

There are so many options to make any Meath hotel accommodation a green option, Ardboyne is pleased to cater to any guest wishing to go green and help keep Meath a beautiful destination.