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Opening Times 2016 Tayto Family Packages

The Ardboyne Hotel And Tayto Theme Park

If you are looking for an all-out fantastic time with your family, Tayto Theme Park in Ireland is where you should find yourself. Apart from giving us happiness in the form of delicious crisps, Mr Tayto also has a theme park that offers over 100 attractions for both adults and kids to enjoy. You will find loads of rides to get on and many other activities that will keep you entertained throughout the day.

The Ardboyne Hotel loves the Man of the Potato so much that we offer an incredible family package that affords you tickets to Tayto Park. This will be an excellent option if you are travelling with your children, as they can be kept busy with interesting activities such as a journey through the Pow Wow Playground or the Native American Village, where adventure awaits at every corner. For the more mature crowd, there’s the Zip Line Extreme - which is the longest and fastest in Ireland - and the 20 meter high Tayto Twister.


These are but a few of the many amazing activities offered at Tayto Theme Park, as you will also find a corner where animals roam just like they do in the wild or on a farm. The petting area is where you can get up close with furry little critters like the French lop-eared rabbit and the Indian runner duck. The action doesn’t stop there, with another corner of Tayto Park being home to magnificent creatures such as the critically endangered Amur leopard and the very cunning Corsac fox.

For those who have wondered how the joy that is Tayto Crisps is created, the mystery will be uncovered in the Tayto Factory where you can tour the facility and find out everything except for the secret ingredients, of course. Your day can end with a cherished photograph of you and your family with the man himself – Mr Tayto. So get ready for the journey of a lifetime with the Ardboyne Hotel bringing the flavour with Tayto Theme Park in Ireland.