The Ardboyne Hotel has a wide variety of essential debs (or debutante) services available. If it’s the perfect debutante ball that you are looking to create, we have the tools you need to make this special occasion truly unforgettable. Our debs packages are tailor made to make the ideal debutante experience, something that your students will remember forever.

Debs, is an exciting and important occasion in all young ladies & gentleman's lives.  Choosing a Debs venue is an important decision to make. Debs in Ireland conducted in elegance are extravagant formal affairs that have attendants preparing for weeks prior to the celebration.

Debs can be difficult to arrange, but with The Ardboyne Hotel we make the process virtually effortless. We arrange everything from the transport to the food, to make every debutante celebration a flawlessly beautiful experience. We currently offer two different yet equally extensive debs packages.   

We are specialists in debs celebration and have created packages to suit the needs of all parties involved, students, parents and teachers alike will be deeply pleased with prices the level of service, and the overall magical experience of having their debs ball at a luxury hotel.
Our debutante packages include the following services.
  • Coach transport to and from the Ardboyne hotel
  • Red carpet welcome
  • Sumptuous 4 course meal served in luxurious ballroom at 8pm
  • Vegetarian options available on request
  • Dietary requirements available on request
  • Personalised tickets
  • Helium balloons
  • Entertainment in swan lane music venue with  live band  and dj
  • Karaoke available on request  (additional charges may apply)
  • Security personnel included
  • Complimentary bar extension
  • Breakfast roll and orange juice served before departure
  • Photographer (additional charge)
We at The Ardboyne Hotel are specialists in catering for debs balls. With one of our great inclusive packages, your celebration will definitely be a spectacular success.  To view pictures of previous events, take a look at our gallery of debs photos.