Locals and tourists alike are no doubt excited for the opportunity to see some of these hits performed on stage, especially as audiences the world over have been wowed by their natural talent and sincere on-stage presence. In fact, the list of Bon Jovi concerts that have taken place is not to be trifled with – it includes more than 50 countries and totals more than a remarkable 2700 performances. This concert, specifically, forms part of Bon Jovi’s Because We Can tour which started in the USA and will make its way through Europe, Australia, Latin America, the Far East and Africa.

Moreover, the three Irish acts joining them on stage have also just been announced and concert goers will be treated to the sounds of The Coronas, Bressie and Hamsandwich. Originating from Dublin, The Coronas have released three indie rock albums and have enjoyed double platinum selling hits which definitely make them something to look forward to. Bressie is also doing well on Irish charts since the decision to brave a solo career and will stir audiences with his heartfelt lyrics and impressive beats. The last, and by no means least, of the three acts scheduled to join Bon Jovi on stage is Hamsandwich – a band that’s received rave reviews for their ability to captivate audiences with every live show.

Apart from the incredible line-up, the venue is set to be memorable experience for concert goers too. With the historic and picturesque Slane Castle along with some fine greenery forming part of the backdrop, the open air venue is nothing short of astounding. Slane Castle has acted as a concert venue from 1981 and stages have been graced by international superstars like The Rolling Stones, Madonna and U2, amongst many others.

With exceptional Irish acts, true international stars of Bon Jovi and an incredible venue to look forward to, those who haven’t bought their tickets for the show better do so now. If you want to attend this not-to-miss event, you will also be happy to hear that there is accommodation close by, as the Ardboyne Hotel is only a 15 – 20 minute drive away from Slane Castle and is always ready to be a place of rest for those who need it.