For those of you thinking of getting an international driver’s permit, the process is fairly easy with organisations, including the AA, offering affordable and officially recognised ones. What’s good about acquiring this permit is that you not only have the ability to drive a vehicle in Ireland, but a great number of other countries as well. This makes it ideal for travellers who would like to tour regions like Europe, with Ireland being one of your major stopovers.

The most recognised international permit is a 1949 Convention IDP/permit, which will give you the right to drive in most countries (except for Brazil, Burundi, Iraq and Somalia). As most car rental services, police and other state officials require that you produce such a document to commandeer a vehicle, it is highly recommended that you have one processed before you leave your country. After one is issued to you, you can rest assured that you will not encounter any hassles when operating a vehicle.

Even though North Americans are permitted to drive in Ireland using their country issued driving permits, it must be noted that they’re only allowed to do so for up to 12 months and, thereafter, will be required to have an internationally recognised permit as well.

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