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Our top 5 reasons to go with an all-inclusive wedding package for your big day!

Planning a wedding these days is no walk in the park. Once you’re engaged you need to decide on the date, start looking for a venue, register your intent to marry and then start making a list of all the other jobs that need to be done. Book a band, book your church or celebrant, book hair and make-up etc- the list is long. To take some of the hassle out of this very long list some hotels offer all inclusive packages.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should go for an all-inclusive package

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  1. Time Saver

The first reason is very obvious. Booking an all-inclusive package with a hotel is going to save you literally days of trawling through websites, brochures etc looking at bands, flowers, cars etc. Usually the venue will give you a list of suppliers that are including in their package and a number of options for each service. Once you are happy with them the hotel will book it for you. That doesn’t seem hard at all right?

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2.Money Saver

A lot of the time wedding suppliers will offer the venue a discount if they are included in their inclusive wedding packages. More often than not the venue will pass that discount on to you, hence making your package a lot better value than if you were to book that supplier separately. For example, the band may be more than €500 cheaper if you book through an all-inclusive deal.

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3.Recommended Suppliers

Once you book an all-inclusive package you can be rest assured that all the suppliers included in the package come highly recommended. Hotels would never risk having a sub-standard band on a package that they are advertising to thousands of people every year. Hotels will supply you with testimonials for the supplier also so you will be left in no doubt.

4.Security on the day

On the day itself you don’t have to worry about paying all the different suppliers as the Hotel will be looking after the payment for you. You have your one all inclusive price and the band, car, photographer etc will be paid from that. You also have the added security of knowing that the suppliers will definitely be there on the day. The Hotel would never risk having an unreliable supplier on their package.

5.Overall Stress saver

Overall, going with an all-inclusive package will save you a lot of stress and hassle over the period of planning your wedding. A lot of the work is done for you once you book the package with the hotel and you can breathe a big sigh of relief!

One of the most popular all inclusive packages out there is the All inclusive package at the Ardboyne Hotel. This award winning hotel has been offering fully inclusive packages to couples for years now and its always the first choice that people make.

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On the 30th of September The Ardboyne Hotel will be holding a wedding open day hosted by wedding blogger Sara Kennedy of the Irish Wedding Blog. On the day, Sara will be interviewing a panel of wedding suppliers for all of their best tips and advice for the planning of your big day. For more information on the day click here