1. Begin dress shopping ASAP

There are quite a few reasons why browsing for a ball gown shortly after getting engaged is advised. It means more time to:

• Find the perfect outfit

• Compare the prices of different boutiques

• Have any necessary alterations done

• Get a special dress designed and custom-made


2. Set up a realistic budget

Organising an affordable wedding requires a comprehensive financial plan. Although you probably have a price range for your outfit in mind, remember to include your accessories. Your veil, shoes and undergarments, as well as any alteration fees and delivery costs, can be expensive too. You can also save your heart the trouble of falling in love with a dress outside your budget by informing the sales assistant of your spending limit up front.

3. Know your ceremony needs

There are so many dazzling dresses to see during your shopping excursions that it’s easy select a favourite based solely on visual appeal. We strongly recommend that you avoid this mistake. Of course, you have to buy the gown you love the most, but it may not be a practical purchase.

Before you give up your credit card, ask yourself:

• Is it appropriate for the season and usual weather conditions of your planned wedding date? Warm, summer day ceremonies need light, thin fabrics, such as linen and silk, while cooler night time nuptials can use heavier material like velvet or duchess satin.

• Does it complement your theme? Traditional brides are clothed in blue, white or cream. More adventurous floral decorations and civil ceremony wedding reception venues allow for daring dresses and vibrant colours.

• Will it suit your setting? Beach brides often wear shorter frocks that merely sweep the floor. Alternatively, those who choose formal venues, such as one of the hotels in Meath, opt for long trains and ball gowns for their weddings.

• Do your accessories match its style? It may be easier to buy embellishments after finding the right dress, but if you’re wearing a family heirloom, take it with you while you shop. This way, you can ensure the treasured veil, jewellery or shoes suit the rest of your outfit.

As a final word of advice, keep an open mind about the gown of your choosing. The one you buy may not be exactly what you first envisioned. It’s far more important to go with what fits you best, compliments your shape and matches your personal style. If it gives you that special glow, emotion or excitement about your big day, it’s a definite winner.

We suggest you take advantage of money saving wedding packages, if you want to spend some extra cash on your gown. Contact us at the Ardboyne to learn more about how our expert team can assist you in creating an enchanting nuptial experience.