Brides and wedding planners gearing up for a December wedding may feel tempted to choose a predominantly white, red, gold and green colour scheme to reflect the festive season. Think fake snow, ice sculptures, spray painted pine cones and sprigs of holly for table decorations, and barmen and waitrons dressed to look like Santa’s little helpers. We’d propose a somewhat different look and feel for your Christmas wedding in Ireland this year, however... 

Choose big bold colours to add Christmas warmth and cheer

Irish winters are often overcast, windy and wet. We recommend you use this to your advantage by introducing bold colours contrasts against the grey to make your wedding venue and photographs pop. Here are a few simple examples...

+ Replace dusty pink and white petals with colourful confetti. This looks great in wedding photographs, especially against a traditional white wedding dress worn on a grey winter’s day.

confetti 1113007 1920

+ Give each bridesmaid a colourful pagoda umbrella to carry instead of a traditional bouquets of flowers.


+ The groomsmen can wear matching pocket squares to compliment the look and you can use additional umbrellas as part of your wedding décor too.

pocket chief
+ If you do plan to introduce the glorious reds, greens and golds of Christmas to your colour scheme, do so in unique and unexpected ways.



And, if you want to stick to a colour palette that’s more earthy and neutral, then consider introducing splashes of colour with strings of colourful fairy lights or light bulbs. 

+ Choose functional thank you gifts for your guests. These can serve as part of your table décor. You can easily use food and drink items to introduce colour to the occasion.


+ Keep your guests busy and warm with a selection of indoor and outdoor games.
+ Use signage around the venue to communicate with your guests. This adds a personal touch to the venue and helps your guests know where to be and what to expect.



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