The Ardboyne Hotel in Co. Meath is certainly highly placed in the upper echelon when it comes to hotels which deliver complete, prompt and professional wedding services to their guests. Whether you’re from Ireland or simply looking to tie the knot there, you’ll be suitably pleased with the décor, luxury and service which more than completes with international standards.

Any hotel in Meath which you consider allowing to host your wedding needs to have a great deal of space for a large party of guests, a full compliment of catering staff and the capacity to customise a menu. It also needs to have experience in crisis management and teams capable of on the spot thinking, familiarity with fashionable decorations and colour schemes, a reputation for friendly and fast service and perhaps most importantly, a great deal of favourable reviews from clients past.

Ardboyne Hotel comes in at the top of the list because it’s one of the only hotels to provide all of these points and more, with high ratings constantly being provided by newly weds on sites like  The hotel is also known for its luxurious setting and speciality in the theme of traditional Irish romance and atmosphere. From reviews it’s clear that the staff are big fans of wedding events at the hotel and are known for being friendly and helpful beyond the call of duty.

So, if you’ve been asking yourself what hotel in Meath is good for weddings, then you may have discovered the perfect solution to ensure your perfect day.