Stay, spend and save at The Ardboyne hotel, where we know exactly what our guests are expecting from restaurants in Ireland.  We’ve put our 30 years experience in catering to good use, conceptualising and creating the perfect, culture rich ambience and a gourmet menu.  We combine the cosy feeling of traditional dining in Ireland with a tasty modern twist. Our dedicated team of chefs are always creating delicious dishes that will have both locals and foreigners lusting after our delectable range of delicacies, long after they’ve left the comfort of our hotel.

There are few restaurants in Ireland that can offer such a truly diverse selection of both traditional and trendy contemporary cuisine like Hugo's resturant can. We pride ourselves in being one of the top restaurants in Navan, and we do everything we can to hold onto that title. We have employed only the finest chefs to ensure that our dishes are prepared to perfection. Our wine list includes an extensive assortment of the best wines Ireland has to offer, tailored to suit even the most discerning wine connoisseur.  We are able to cater for up to 100 guests at full capacity, so there will be no shortage of seating for eager guests.
If you require food in a less formal setting The Kells Bar known for its lush, old world styled décor and imaginative menu will cater to your every need.  With its moulded ceiling adornments and beautiful chandeliers not to mention the wonderful open fire, why not sit back and enjoy our traditional bar food served all day.

In traditional Irish culture, dining in Ireland has always been a family affair. Families and friends will gather around the dinner table and share stories and merry laughs. This hearty atmosphere can be readily experienced in both Hugo's and Kells Bar, of the best places for entertainment in Meath. We also cater for the health conscious individuals with our delicious reduced calorie options available upon request.  All these qualities are what fortify us as one of the best restaurants in Ireland today.