How to make a Distinctly Irish Impression

If you’re planning an Irish wedding, but don’t live in the country, it’s best to research authentic traditions. You can incorporate elements of this proud heritage in many different ways, and ensure a tasteful, elegant celebration.

Many planners and venues offer wedding packages that contain all the basics, and you can add yourown personal touches with ease. There are some simple ways to imbue your event with iconic Irish elements, and these include:

• Opting for seasonal greenery – What better way to express your joy than with freshly picked foliage? Leaf arrangements are an excellent alternative to conventional options, and wildflowers have a certain whimsy that roses lack. Instead of placing bouquets on the tables, consider hanging them from the ceiling, or arranging them on tall stands beside the tables.

• Finding an authentic venue – Considering that that you’ll remember this day for the rest of your life, the setting needs to enchant you. Before you decide to rent a drafty castle, or get married on the moors, think about the logistical challenges that need to be met. Fortunately, you can find well-equipped Irish venues that offer comfort and convenience as well as the cultural richness you desire.


Leave your Heart in Ireland

The easiest way to let the spirit of the surrounds permeate your ceremony is simply to find a good local wedding hotel. These venues, especially those in Meath, provide the right atmosphere for a warm and joyful celebration.

Establishments that have been catering nuptial celebrations for years have all the experience and infrastructure needed to make your day memorable. With their help, you can experience the authentic Irish ambience that you’ve been dreaming about.