1. Howler - This is used to describe either a really good night or a really bad night out, as in 'last night was a howler!'

2. Horrid Buck - This is the term used to describe a huge surprise. 'My husband got a horrid buck when I told him I'd booked luxury hotel accommodation for our anniversary.'

3. The Fear - Something that you'll definitely utter if you try to keep up with the locals at the pub, as it refers to the feeling you get after a few wild nights. 'I've got the fear after all the nights we've been having, so I'm staying in tonight'.

4. Horrid Well - Don't be confused if someone tells you you're looking horrid well, as it means you're looking great. 'You're looking horrid well today, is that a new coat?'

5. How's she cuttin! - This is a casual greeting which is related to hedge clippers and whether they're sharp or blunt etc. 'Hey, how's she cuttin!'

These are just a few of the phrases that you're likely to hear along the way, with hundreds more thrown in here and there for good measure - just to make sure tourists have absolutely no idea what we're saying! Choose one of our luxury holiday villa in Meath as your base and ask about the best local spots so you can put your slang to good use.